About us

There is no doubt that if your specialism and role is to develop leaders, understanding the current issues, debates, research and methodologies can steer, challenge and clarify your own chosen approaches to leadership development (Warren Bennis called it understanding the context). The problem is that leadership development (LD) has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry and you can be hard pressed to find a factual, non-commercial online resource that isn’t one click away from trying to sell you something – books, consultancy, programmes, executive coaching etc.

Launched in 2014, Leadership Issue’s vision is to provide a distinctive non-commercial website written by LD professionals for LD professionals. The ‘about us’ is really ‘about you’. This site can only be successful if you actively participate in the network and discussions. You can contribute by joining the network, commenting on articles, volunteering to be interviewed, submitting ideas, articles, book reviews and news items.

Let’s build our network and knowledge together…