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News on the annual BCL survey carried our by the Hays Group

top 20 companies for leadership

In November, the results of the Hay’s Group 2014 Best Companies for Leadership (BCL) survey will be published. The survey is in its ninth consecutive year and is proving to be a very important annul measure of global companies’ commitment to leadership development. The survey, the largest of its kind, closed last month and hopefully this year’s results will improve on the 2013 response rate which had over 18,000 responses from 2,200 organisations across 125 countries.
The 2013 results saw Proctor and Gamble crowned as the best company for developing leaders, usurping GE from the top spot. Microsoft came second which is an incredible achievement as a few years ago it didn’t even feature in the top 20. The 2013 survey was dominated by fast-paced consumer companies, but retailers, social media sites, financial services and manufacturing were also represented. Here are the full 2013 results:

More information can be found at the Hay’s Group website which includes slidepacks and webinars; but in summary, key findings directly taken from the survey diagnostic include:
• Innovation sets Best Companies for Leadership apart. 94% are prepared to run unprofitable projects to try new things
• 95% of leaders at best companies are culturally savvy and able to be effective with diverse teams
• 100% of the best companies let all employees behave like leaders. Only 54% of peers do likewise
• 100% of the best companies manage a pipeline of qualified leadership candidates
• Leadership boosts the bottom line. Best companies outperform the S&P 500 almost 2x over 10 years
• 90% of best companies let employees bypass the chain of command with an excellent idea
• Problems are opportunities. 95% of best companies think this way
• Collaboration is mandatory. 100% of best Ccmpanies take action when a leader is not collaborating
• 95% of best companies reward leaders based on their ability to build excellent peer relationships
• In best companies, 95% of senior leaders take time to actively develop others. Only 48% of leaders at peer companies do this
The value of such surveys are that they do recognise and celebrate companies that invest in leadership development, they reinforce the widely held perception that investing in leadership gives companies strategic competitive edge and they give us all the opportunity to learn from these companies.
Here are the 5 key learnings from the 2013 survey – these are things that the top Best Companies for Leadership consistently did to earn them a place in the top 20:
Best companies….
1. Have highly engaged and involved senior leaders who champion leadership development and bridge the gap between operational excellence and innovation
2. Cultivate behaviours that value expertise, business discipline, collaboration and customer-focus
3. Encourage leaders to develop the courage and willingness to do something different
4. Thrive on ambiguity and lead with agility, mindfulness and speed
5. Invest time and resources developing mid-level-leadership
Is your company following these trends?
Look out in the coming weeks for the 2014 results. You will find a full review and assessment of the results here at www.leadershipissues.com

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