Leadership in the news monthly review March 2016

Business leadership themes reported in the global newspapers in March 2016


Leadership Issues manually searches for articles of interest on business leadership in over 50 online international newspapers covering all continents and posts links here and on Twitter. At the close of each month, the editing team review the monthly stories and cluster them into key workplace leadership themes including: leadership characteristics, environment/engagement, development/succession, innovation/future, technology, practice/skills and diversity.

Business leadership articles reported in the international news dropped by 20% compared with previous months.

There were three dominant themes reported in the global news last month (March 2016):
1. Leadership engagement (34% of the total assessed articles)
2. leadership characteristics (18% of the total assessed articles)
3. The skills/practice of leadership (15% of the total assessed articles)

Themes not included in the leader table were to do with leadership development, recruitment, succession/careers, training, innovation/future trends, technology and change (which made up the remaining percentage).


Key headlines:

Despite an overall drop by 20% on the reportage of business leadership in the global news, articles on leadership engagement increased overall by 6% and leadership engagement dominated the news in March, topping the leader table for the second consecutive month.

Diversity is absent from the leader table for the first time in 5 months; reportage dropped by 50% on previous months (7.5% of all global news on business leadership in March related to diversity).

Coverage in the international news on leadership skills dropped by 50% since heading the leader table in January.

Coverage in the international news on innovation and technology halved from last month.

Four articles stood out last month.

Marcel Schwantes published a focused and well-researched piece in Inc. entitled 5 Hard Reality Checks Every Leader Must Face to Succeed. This is an excellent resource for leaders to judge how well they manage their team.

Tame your ´inner chimp´to enjoy leadership success by Oliver Pickup published in The Telegraph profiles (“mind mechanic”) Professor Peters on harnessing reactive and emotional impulses (“inner chimps”) in favour of rational and logical thinking.

The issue of what makes an effective leader is explored by Sunnie Giles in The most important leadership competencies, according to leaders around the world (HBR). Her study involving 195 global leaders shows ethics, empowerment, connectivity, openness and nurturement as key leadership competences.

This BBC report, No Joke: why the business world is embracing comedy by Andreane Williams looks at how a number of companies are hiring comedians to help their employees develop a more engaging environment. This article was cited in Ric Kelly´s Leadership and the fool…. which was published in Leadership Issues on April Fools´ Day.  This short piece explores the important role unfiltered remarks play in the modern workplace in uncovering organisational truths that others are thinking but dare not surface.

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