Leadership in the news best of 2015


A pick of the top ten articles on business leadership reported in the global news in 2015 from Leadership Issues.

Washington Post,Why big business is falling out of love with the annual performance review by Lillian Cunningham and Jena McGregor (August)
10% of Fortune 500 companies are switching from the end of year formal review to ongoing dialogue, feedback and performance coaching.

The Globe and Mail, Why managers should embrace a mobile workforce by Michael Murphy (February)
The article explores how leaders can stay connected with their team members by breaking assumptions, embracing new technology and learning to trust.

The Huffington Post, Millennials: Underuse Them at Your Peril by Daniel Burrus (February)
Challenges organisations to recognise the value that young talented millennials bring and to stop putting an invisible age requirement on promotions.

Entrepreneur, The Bossless Workplace: A New Frontier by Avinoam Nowogrodski (October)
Following online shoe retailer Zappos’conversion to holacracy, article looks at revising management structure to create an engaged, accountable and transparent modern democratic workplace.

Boston Globe, Diversifying yourself is key to keeping work ethic healthy by the editor (May)
A review of “HBR Guide to Managing Stress at Work’’ that encourages the cultivation of multiple identities and the ability to choose between them.

BRW, In 1975, this Kodak employee invented the digital camera. His bosses made him hide it by James Estrin (August)
The story of the invention of the digital camera and how Kodak lost market position as a producer of cameras because it failed to take seriously its own invention in digital photography.

Globe and Mail, Exploring the Dark Side of Leadership by Justin Weinhardt (January)
Fun link to Star Wars that explores four dark leadership behaviours and how the force of humility can overcome them.

The Washington Post, When companies know more but say less about their gender gap by Danielle Paquette (March)
Profiling the usefulness of data analytics in the field of gender equality (assessing and tracking what happens to female employees throughout their careers).

New York Times, Tapping your inner wolf by Carl Safina (June)
Debunks the stereotype we have of the alpha male as controlling and aggressive by recounting alpha male grey wolf behavior in the wild.

The Guardian, Does My Shadow Look Big In This by Robin Alfred (January)
Uses the analogy of a shadow to illustrate the tone and legacy that leaders cast on organisations.

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Happy New Year!

Leadership Issues – Editor