Leadership in the news monthly review Jan 2016

Review of articles on leadership featuring in the global news in Jan 2016


Since its launch in August 2014, Leadership Issues regularly checks for articles of interest on business leadership featured in over 40 leading online international newspapers which it daily posts on this site and on Twitter.  Here is an analysis.

There were two dominant themes reported in the global news last month (January 2016):

1. The skills/practice of leadership
2. Diversity in the workplace

Themes not included in the leader table were to do with leadership engagement, development, characteristics, succession/careers, training, innovation/future trends, technology and change.

January´s leading theme, the skills/practice of leadership, which topped the leader board three times last year, made up 30% of January´s reported news on leadership.  In December´s monthly review, we saw the year end with a flurry of articles on leadership characteristics; the new year commenced with a series of articles on how to do leadership. Diversity made up 25% of the month´s reported news. In January 2015, this leadership issue topped the leader board. Generation and gender diversity are the two key diversity issues that get reported. The issue of engagement made up 17% of the reported news on leadership and strategic leadership development 15% of the total reported news on leadership in the major global publications. The future of robotics in the workplace was also widely reported in January.

Every month Leadership Issues highlights articles that stand out.

Chris Cancialosi wrote a very thoughtful piece in Forbes, The Myth Of Fearless Leadership: How To Lead When You’re Afraid. He considers fear as a positive indication that leaders are taking on fresh challenges and he debunks the idea that all leaders are fearless, rather that they have learned how to face up to their fears.

A different kind “how to” article appeared in Inc.  How Giving Up His Job Made This CEO a Better Leader by Justin Bariso is a personal account of Hermann Arnold stepping down from his CEO position to take an operational role within the company and some powerful insights and lessons he learned about leadership.

Daniele Fiandaca writing in The Guardian looks at the theme of unconscious bias in recruitment. In Diversity at work: hiring ‘the best person for the job’ isn’t enough, she explores how “most people will unconsciously hire someone in their own image” and gives some practical suggestions to overcome this unconscious bias.

A special report in The Economist looked at the values of the millennial generation and their future positive impact. So many of these type of articles are Western-centric and what made this article, When the young get older, stand out was its focus on the emerging generations in the emerging economies.

Two articles published in last month`s HBR inspired an editorial point of view in the leading issues series.  You can learn and get work done at the same time by Liane Daveylooks and Plan your professional development for the Year by Dorie Clark prompted the following point of view, Has self-directed learning (SDL) finally come of age?.

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