Leadership in the news monthly review August 2016

Business leadership themes reported in the global newspapers in August 2016


Leadership Issues searches manually for articles of interest on business leadership in over 50 leading online international newspapers covering all continents, and posts links on the website and Twitter. At the close of each month, the articles are reviewed and clustered into key workplace leadership themes including: leadership characteristics, environment/engagement, development/succession, innovation/future, technology, practice/skills and diversity.

The subject of leadership reported last month in the global news was very mixed. Here are the top 5 themes:

Leadership engagement (26%)
Skills/practice of leadership (25%)
Leadership characteristics (18%)
Workplace diversity (15%)
Leadership development (10%)

Themes not included in the leader table were to do with recruitment, innovation/future trends, technology and change (which made up the remaining percentage).

26% of the total assessed articles published in August in the global news concerned Leadership engagement; and a quarter of all the published articles concerned the practice of leadership. Leadership engagement has topped the leader table 4 times in 2016:


This graph shows the top 5 themes reported in the global news in 2016 and their percentage position on the leaderboard:


August saw a slight increase in the volume of articles on the subject of leadership reported in the International news:


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