Leadership in the news monthly review June 2016

Business leadership themes reported in the global newspapers in June 2016


Leadership Issues searches manually for articles of interest on business leadership in over 50 leading online international newspapers covering all continents, and posts links on the website and Twitter. At the close of each month, the articles are reviewed and clustered into key workplace leadership themes including: leadership characteristics, environment/engagement, development/succession, innovation/future, technology, practice/skills and diversity.


The skills/practice of leadership dominated the global news last month (June 2016). A record-breaking 53% of the total assessed articles were on practical ways of doing leadership. The two nearest rivals were Leadership characteristics (14%) and engagement (13%).

Themes not included in the leader table were to do with leadership development , diversity, recruitment, innovation/future trends, technology and change (which made up the remaining percentage).

Overall coverage of the subject of leadership reported in the International news remained constant.


A few articles stood out last month.

Joseph Pistrui, writing in Harvard Business Review, explored creating a circle of “open-minded employees and managers to scope out potential strategic opportunities.” To Seize the Future, Create a Leadership Circle sets out the value of bringing together a group of internal people with deep expertise to think differently about the future and challenge the status quo.

Prof. Vijay Govindarajan always writes inspiring articles on innovation. His June article, How Disney Found its Way Back to Creative Success profiles the good strategic choices Disney leadership made to revitalise their creative output which was achieved through intelligent acquisitions. This is contrasted with the Warner Brothers who relied too much on their former successes, leading Professor Govindarajan to conclude, “Repeating what you’ve done in the past or copying what someone else is doing now are not innovative, and it’s innovation that underwrites future success.”

Lastly, a shameless plug for my own article which featured last month in Entrepreneur. 6 Ways to Cope With, or Maybe Escape, Corporate Stockholm Syndrome explores how unscrupulous bosses can hold you hostage in the workplace.

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