Love and Profit: The art of caring leadership

Book Review


Love and Profit: The art of caring leadership by James A. Autry
William Morrow and Co: New York, 1991

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This book is the antithesis of the Taylorist scientific approach to managing organisations that still dominates organisational culture; rather than task orientated, status-driven, supervisory/regulative streamlined management, Autry says “Good management is largely a matter of love. Or if you are uncomfortable with that word, call it caring”.

In Autry’s universe, there is a place for both profit and love. As the scope and boundaries of the workplace increase due to globalisation and technological advance, the workplace as redefining itself beyond a mere place of work toward a place where we can create value and community. This calls for a different type of management, a caring management where relationships, people, personal growth, community, opportunity and accomplishment can not only coexist side-by-side with more traditional notions of profit and organisational growth but propels and generates it as employees feel more connected, motivated and loved and, like in any modern relationship, seek to become a participatory, active and engaged partner.

The book reflects Autry’s humour experience creativity and warmth and in an age of standardisation and post-recessional austerity represent a clear formula for a more caring , compassionate and engaged leadership which so many commentators are calling for.