Leadership in the news monthly review Feb 2016

Business leadership themes reported in the global newspapers in Feb 2016


Leadership Issues manually searches for articles of interest on business leadership featuring in over 50 leading online international newspapers covering all continents and posts links on the website and Twitter.   At the close of each month, the editing team review the monthly stories and cluster them into key workplace leadership themes including: competences, environment/engagement, development/succession, innovation/future, technology, practice/skills and diversity.

There were four dominant themes reported in the global news last month (February 2016):
1. Leadership engagement (28% of total assessed articles)
2. The skills/practice of leadership (18% of total assessed articles)
3. Diversity in the workplace (Joint third position – 16.5% of total assessed articles)
3. leadership characteristics (Joint third position – 16.5% of total assessed articles)

Themes not included in the leader table were to do with leadership development, recruitment, succession/careers, training, innovation/future trends, technology and change (which made up the remaining percentage).

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So the headline news is that leadership engagement was the most reported issue on business leadership in February’s international media having been absent from the top position since mid last year. It headed the leader position in February, April, June and July 2015. Last month it didn´t even make the leaderboard (with only 17% of the international media writing about engagement). Leading issues included: building leadership skills, the rise of the millennials and gender inequality. Now the media has turned its attention back to how leaders can build a more engaging culture/environment at work. The practice of leadership saw an 8% fall in reportage in February and diversity 8.5%. Innovation and technology reached almost 10% reportage in International news following the January World Economic Forum´s focus on automation and the fourth industrial revolution.

Every month Leadership Issues highlights articles of interest.

The FT ran a well-researched piece on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Murad Ahmed´s Is Myers-Briggs up to the job? took an in-depth look at the history and application of the tool using case studies, biography, interviews, analysis, personal reflection and comparisons to other psychometric assessments.

Many are calling for the eradication of the unpopular annual review and replacing it with ongoing coaching and development as a way of engaging with staff. In Fixing Performance Appraisal Is About More than Ditching Annual Reviews, Graham Kenny suggests performance appraisals would be more palatable if managers focused on outcome/performance and not activity.

Zappos continues to be a case-study in holacracy and Richard Feloni wrote an insightful feature which appeared in Seattle PI and Business Insider on the experience of Zappos´s HR Director, Hollie Delaney, and her personal transformation toward working with and appreciating holacracy. The feature, Here’s what happened to Zappos’ HR boss when the company got rid of managers and her job became obsolete included an excellent analysis of holacracy versus hierarchy.

Finally, John Coleman wrote an instructive piece in HBR on the link between book clubs and leadership. In Why Businesspeople Should Join Book Clubs, Coleman explores how reading complements leadership development in the sphere of critical analysis, communication and emotional intelligence. Joining a book club can add critical thinking, influencing and social skills to the mix.

An article published in last month`s Fast Company inspired an editorial point of view in the leading issues series.  How Certainty Is Destroying Your Leadership by Mark Lukens prompted the following point of view, Leadership and Certainty: The importance of kaizen (改善) in leadership.

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