September Newspaper Review

Review of articles on leadership in the major international newspapers


Every month, Leadership Issues intends to review highlights/trends from features/articles on the subject of leadership appearing in major global newspapers. Today we are reviewing the month of September.

The top three leadership themes discussed in the International news in September were:-

1. Collaborative and Inclusive leadership styles
Articles on collaborative and inclusive leadership styles were the top feature, appearing in The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, The Seattle News, The Guardian, The Gulf News and The Huffington Post. The articles explore how a collective style is important in a knowledge based environment where leaders cannot know all the answers and cannot be all-seeing-all-hearing. Co-workers need to be guided and listened to and this helps build motivation and trust.

2. Motivation
Articles on motivation were featured in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Seattle News and The Globe and Mail. Leaders play a very key role in motivating staff and should be continuously aware of the language they use, the way they interact with their staff and look to ways to inspire confidence by setting clear expectations and providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

3. Concern over lack of women in senior leadership positions
Articles on this theme appeared in The Age, The Guardian, Seattle News and The Independent on Sunday. Latest research is indicating a stalling of advance of female leadership. In Fortune 500 companies, for example, women account for just 17% of board members, 15% of C-Suite executives, and 5% of CEOs. The articles advocate a push by companies to advance women leaders.

Other leadership themes appearing in the September press included articles on change and innovation including a very interesting piece from The Washington Post on lessons we can all learn on innovation from NASA, leadership preferences/styles, the rise of entrepreneurs, a study on charisma and profiles on Richard Hytner and Richard Branson (in the excellent Washington Post Podcast Series) and Piers Linney, Steven Mollenkopf and Nancy Honey.

Two September highlights included a feature on John Gardner’s lesser published ideas on diversity, ongoing learning and engagement in The Harvard Business Review and an excellent article in The Sunday Times on the power of being adaptive and thinking on your feet and how leaders can practically enable this in the workplace.

Click here for a full list of titles and sources from the September archive.