Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey


The seven habits of highly effective people
restoring the character ethic by Stephen R. Covey.
New York: Fireside Book, 1990
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One the classic early texts that popularised leadership which served it well (placing leadership in the bestselling categories) and also worked somewhat against it (if is often dismissed as populist), Covey had a special knack of taking scholarly concepts such as perception, mental models and paradigms and translating them into easy to understand nuggets using everyday examples such as incidents from his own family. The seven habits are: proactiveness, visioning, time management, interpersonal leadership, empathetic communication, creative cooperation and self-renewal. Coveys position is that leadership is learned largely through bad habits and that leaders need to de-programme themselves and focus on these seven principle-centric habits.

The book is sometimes classified as “self-help”, but it is really a pioneer in self-directed learning.