Warren Bennis


On Becoming a Leader (Rev. ed.) by Warren Bennis
Cambridge, MA.: Perseus Pub., 2003
Open Library ebook: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL1883445W/On_becoming_a_leader

Warren Bennis died last month (August). He was widely recognised as one of the great thinkers on leadership, “the dean of leadership gurus” as Forbes Magazine crowned him.

A prolific writer, On Becoming a Leader ranks as a true classic textbook and guide to leadership – a rare achievement of marrying theory with practice. Bennis advocated leadership as a learned and socially constructed phenomena long before it became a fashionable topic. He mapped out a clear set of modern leadership attributes which have become the foundation of effective leadership behaviours in the digital age. These attributes include the importance of leaders understanding the broader socio-economic context of their business and for the leader to cultivate self awareness. These two insights, in partnership with an ability to get along with people, give you the flexibility and confidence to lead during times of uncertainty. Core to his belief is self-reliance and self-direction – to become a leader and not to be processed into one.

In memory of a fine scholar and seminal thinker.